As your patient advocate, I make sure that you understand your care and have the information you need to make challenging decisions.

As your coach, I partner with you to work through this life challenge and help you be your best self throughout the journey to parenthood.

As your peer, I listen, understand, and support you along the way.


What I want for you

The experience of infertility is unique. The desire to become a parent is about who you are or want to be as a woman, as a man, as a partner. It is central to your identity. But, to realize that identity you find yourself navigating complex and stressful medical treatments and facing extraordinary levels of uncertainty.

Perhaps you feel the strain of infertility seeping into the rest of your life - affecting your friendships, relationship with your family, professional decisions, and even couplehood. Perhaps you feel stuck or lost, left behind by your peers. If so, you are not alone. The psychological impact of fertility treatments has been shown to be similar to that of cancer.

Infertility is a journey that will challenge and change you, and each person’s journey is unique. But, you will become a parent. My goal is to support you to take control of the process so that it is also a journey of strength and growth.


You are not alone.


You may feel very alone right now. But, I have worked with hundreds of individuals and couples affected by infertility and know that many others share your experience. Do you find yourself resenting your pregnant friends even though you want to be happy for them? Are you hiding your situation from your family even though you desperately need their support? Do you feel held back in your career or left behind by your peers? Are you angry? All of these feelings are common and understandable. Let’s work through them together so you can get back to being you.